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Lyadrive -The Sands Of Time Sessions 82-83 lp


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Black vinyl with 4 page biography insert. Limited 500 copies

The history of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers Lyadrive from North London goes back to the very early ’80’s, when they recorded a song called ‘Another Time Another Place’. The band was, at this stage in their career, still called Tempest Ride and the number was released on a compilation called ‘The Bridge Album’ in 1982. Soon after, they changed their name to Lyadrive and recorded a 7’ single for Bridge Records, featuring the two numbers ‘Anytime’ and ‘White Dress’, which saw the light of day in 1984. After failing to get the elusive album deal, Lyadrive disbanded towards the mid-’80’s Only to make a short comeback in 1998, when they released their fantastic ‘Another Time, Another Place’ CD on Minority One, which consisted of new recordings of old demo material (plus a cover of Trespass’ ‘One Of These Days’). ‘The Sands Of Time’, Lyadrive latest vinyl-only offering for High Roller Records, can be seen as the sister release to ‘Another Time, Another Place’ as it features all the original recordings of the classic 1982/83 demos (with a total playing time of 49 minutes and 7 seconds). Drummer Lee Burrows elaborates on the material of ‘The Sands Of Time’. ‘The new vinyl, as the title suggests, is five original demos and our first six studio recordings, two of which have never been heard before by the public. It seemed to be standard practice at the time to record at least two songs when you went into the studio, thus giving you the option to compare them in real time and decide which looked more likely to sound better. So when we recorded the track ‘Another Time Another Place’, we also recorded ‘Fortunes Of War’. Likewise ‘We’ve Got The Rock’ at Ebony was coupled with ‘Spinning The Wheel’. ‘The Sands Of Time’ is at least a substitute for the album Lyadrive never released after the single.

Track list:
1. Another Time Another Place
2. We’ve Got The Rock
3. Anytime
4. White Dress
5. Rock Tonight
6. Write Me A Letter
7. Steal Away The Night
8. Young Lover
9. Brave Young Man
10. Spinning The Wheel
11. Fortunes Of War

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