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Lynn Allen -Petrified Ice Cream cd


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Lynn Allen from Davenport plays melodic rock topped with a great vocalist. The band debuted in 1984 with the ‘We Laugh At You’ album, on Loud Production, that now have become an hard to find item. It would take the band five years before the second album, Panorama Park, was released by Barn Burner records in 1990. By this time the band included Bill Peiffer as the only sole remaining member of the group that had cut the debut album. A self titled album appeared in 1992 on a label called Red Pump and the bands fourth studio ‘Petrified Ice Cream’ was released in 1995 by Stars On The Rise records. Bill Peiffer had recruited original drummer Bob Boyd for this album. At the same time the German label Long Island re-issued the rare ‘We Laugh At You’ album on cd for the first time.

Track listing:
1. I Am
2. Over You
3. Dont Throw It All Away
4. Anxiotic Schizophrenic
5. We Belong
6. Love Is Pain
7. Out Of My Mind
8. Come To Pieces
9. October
10. Where Are You Now

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