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Lynx -Caught In The Trap cd


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2014 release with 3 bonus tracks and a 20-pages booklet with unreleased photos, lyrics and liner notes by guitarist Per Larrson.

Caught In A Trap was unfortunately the only album from the Eskilstuna act Lynx and it an absolutely astonishing melodic metal piece, reminiscent of the first two albums of Europe, of which mainly focused on the guitars rather than the obvious keyboards. Sure the keyboard are there and the music is very melodic, often slow and driving but the band introduce both instruments in complete harmony with another and it end result is a gem of Swedish metal. All songs on this album rule – and it’s just a great combination of influences coming in – I mean Europe meets NWOBHM meets power metal and White Spirit and Rainbow and all of them are served with a strong vocals delivered by Mats Eriksson. Among theese powerful rockers we also find the AOR oriented Dont Fool Me which should get lovers of Scandinavian AOR going ape. So overall pretty much solid from start to finish – and with good production, this one is an 80s metal gem which demands your respect. A brilliant group of talented young men here, crafting out an album of potential super hits. I’m surprised this band didn’t attain a higher status of fame – especially in Scandinavia – hell they’re better than Stone, or Tarot, and not exactly far off TNT. Utterly brilliant.

Track listing:
1. My Own Way
2. Win Or Lose
3. Fingers Crossed
4. Man Without A Face
5. Dont Fool Me
6. Final Race
7. Nothing In Return
8. Master Of Evil
9. Nightwalker
10. In The Night-live
11. Keep On Loving-live
12. Race To Hell-live

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