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M-pire Of Evil – Live Forum Fest VI lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover, printed innersleeve and two bonus tracks. Limited 250 copies

They’re fast! The band started in 2010, and they already released 2 albums, 2 singles, a split EP, and now a live album. Live Forum Fest VI as the title says is a live album, which was recorded in February of 2014 in France. As you probably already know, M-pire Of Evil is the new band of two ex-Venom members: Demolition Man and Mantas, and except doing new songs, they kind of continue what they started with Venom on the great Prime Evil, Temples Of Ice and The Waste Lands albums. And that’s great, as these albums which are not as popular as the early Venom releases such as Welcome To Hell or Black Metal, were really, really good. Live Forum Fest includes 10 songs: 5 M-pire Of Evil originals and 5 Venom songs: Blackened Are The Priests, Carnivorous, Die Hard, Witching Hour and Temples Of Ice. The sound quality is pretty good (definitely a soundboard recording with good mix): you can feel the heat of the moment, there are no overdubs here, but everything sounds clean and transparent (if we can use the word clean while describing sounds made by Venom musicians). As each live album this release will be probably more interesting for fans of the band, but hey, if you aren’t M-pire Of Evil fan yet, what stops you? They are great!

Track listing:
1. Demone
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Blackened Are the Priests-Venom cover
4. Carnivorous-Venom cover
5. Temples of Ice-Venom cover
6. Die Hard-Venom cover
7. Hell To The Holy
8. Hellspawn
9. Witching Hour-Venom cover
10. Metal Messiah

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