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M:40 -Diagnos cd


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M:40 is a crust/hardcore band located in Lidkoping, Sweden. The band was formed in the fall of 2002, and after two demo releases it was time for the debut album. Tomma Ord Ar Inte Varda Ett Skit that was released in August 2005. This album got really great responds and reviews, it was even played in the Swedish national radio. A few singles and line-up changes happened before it was time for the second album Historiens Svarta Vingslag to be released in May of 2007. More singles was released in 2008 and then it would take a few years before the band hit the studio to start the recording of their third album Diagnos in April of 2012. Diagnos was recorded at the Hoborec studio and it’s both the hardest and also their best album to date. The album kickstarts with the title track and it immediately get the adrenaline pumping. This is a brutal start to the album and one of the highlights of the disc. This is dark, angry and desperate crust that smells like Skitsystem

Track list:
1. Diagnos
2. Livslang Vantan
3. Levande Dod
4. Slut Pa Allt
5. Krossad
6. Vack Mig Vid Slutet
7. I Rannstenens Skam
8. Manniskans Slaveri
9. Avfall
10. Verklighetens Kalla Yta
11. Vi Bar Pa Smittan
12. Syndabock

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