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Macaxe -Attack cd


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A 2017 reissue of one of the holy grails of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The original Macaxe album, only released on cassette back in 1981. This cd release also includes the complete previously unreleased “Egos In The Studio” EP so in total that means 16 authentic hard rockin Heavy Metal monsters for fans of Mythra, Robespierre, White Spirit or/and Urchin. Macaxe features Stuart Macfarlane (ex-Silverwing, ex-Storm). This cd release has carefully been transferred from the original reel tapes to get maximum sound. Limited 500 copies

Track list:
1. Take Me, Make Me
2. Through The Night
3. Dont Let Me Fade Away
4. Hot In My Chevy
5. Havin´A Good Time
6. Hot Under The Collar
7. Gimme All Your Love
8. Always Be There
9. Girls Without Love
10. Satin And Spandex
11. Take Ya Home
12. Ass Kicker
13. Headin For The Usa
14. Comin Up Fightin (For Rock N Roll)
15. Who Youre After
16. All Shapes And Sizes

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