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Madder Rose ‎–Panic On cd


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Indie rock from New York that thrives on contrasts, and has no problem uniting an unlikely variety of disparate elements into a cohesive and appealing whole. Panic On, the band’s second date, is full of melodic sweetness as well as dissonance and rough edges. Comparable to Suzanne Vega, lead singer/guitarist Mary Lorson favors a light and waifish vocal style, but paradoxically, she’s expressive and quite substantial on songs ranging from the rockin’ “Drop a Bomb” to the eerie “Almost Lost My Mind” and the slightly Indian-influenced “Foolish Ways.” Those who like jangly guitar pop full of surprising twists and turns would do well to check out this unpredictable album.

Track list:
1. Sleep, Forever
2. Car Song
3. Panic On
4. What Holly Sees
5. Almost Lost My Mind
6. Drop A Bomb
7. Ultra Anxiety (Teenage Style)
8. Happy New Year
9. Day In, Day Out
10. Margaret
11. Foolish Ways
12. Black Eye Town
13. When You Smile
14. Mad Dog

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