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Magdallan -Big Bang cd


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Okay, so you’ve probably never heard of Magdallan. This was a hard rock project put together by former House Of Lords members guitarist Lanny Cordola, bassist Chuck Wright and drummer Ken Mary, fronted by Shout vocalist Ken Tamplin. “Big Bang” was their debut album, originally released in 1992. Though featuring three fifths of the original House Of Lords line up, it would be fair to say that style-wise Magdallans brand of hard rock was fundamentally different to that of the Lords. For the biggest part “Big Bang” draws towards the style of Van Halen and early David Lee Roth solo-works. So you can expect grooves, unconventional guitar riffs and leads plus often playful vocals (although it has been expressed that Magdallan lyrics may be interpreted in an allegorical sense, given the band’s Christian orientation. Performance-wise, Tamplin defends his status as a powerhouse melodic hard rock vocalist making clever use of his incredible range. In addition Lanny’s performance is far superior to his House Of Lords/Giuffria recordings, holding nothing back on “Big Bang”, be it shredding, twin guitar leads or unconventional melodies, the guitarist manages to impress on all songs. Fans of House Of Lords and Giuffria will probably make the most of the more melodic/AOR tunes on this debut such as “Radio Bikini”, “Love To Rescue” and “House Of Dreams”; most other songs on the album feature various musical twists and turns, having little in common with typical `80s melodic rock. Conclusively “Big Bang” is an worthwhile addition to the collection of “House of Lords”, “Shout” and “Giuffria” fans while baring in mind that for the biggest part the outfit plays a different brand of rock that does not fit entirely under the AOR/melodic rock genre. Fans of Christian rock should also get a lot out of Magdallan.

Track list:
1. End Of The Ages
2. Radio Bikini
3. Shake
4. Wounded Hearts
5. Love To The Rescue
6. Old Hard Line
7. Dome Of The Rock
8. Big Bang
9. House Of Dreams
10. Cry Just A Little
11. Heartbreak Woman
12. This Is It
13. End Of The Ages-reprise

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