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Magister Templi ‎–Into Duat lp [blue]


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Blue vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 250 copies

The debut album by the Norwegian occult act Magister Templi, Lucifer Leviathan Logos, mixed doom metal with NWOBHM and early European heavy metal with occult lyrics into a spellbinding release. I expected to see the occult subject matter of the first one repeated on their sophomore album. This time, though, the band has cooked up a concept album revolving around ancient Egyption creation mythology and the Osiris myth. Into Duat keeps everything that had been good about Lucifer Leviathan Logos, but eliminates the weaknesses that the band’s sound had the first time around. Abraxas d’Ruckus’s bombastic vocals remain, and so do the crushingly heavy riffs and slightly messy song structure, but the riffing on here is fantastic, and the theatrical mood in which the album is steeped is the icing on the cake here. After starting with a vaguely Eastern-sounding riff to get the listener in the mood, Creation blasts away with the big, doomy riffs they had on the first album, and Abraxas’s strident baritone, which occasionally makes forays into the falsetto range from time to time, has gotten louder and more commanding since the last time, although they’ve quieted him down in the mix a bit now. The album is now full of traditional metal and doomy pathos Tracks like Osiris and Horus The Avenger (the former is about Osiris’s death at the hands of his brother Set, the latter is about his son Horus’s defeat of Set) are incredibly epic, like an 80s-era Manilla Road song but with more doom and speed. And if that wasnt enough it almost get even more epic from here on in the next three songs. I was eager to see where thet band was going after the interesteding debut album but this is way better than most could have asked for. Into Duat mixes the doominess of the band’s initial sound with a turbocharged NWOBHM-style speed and pours heaviness on top of a sort that I’ve only seen Visigoth match this year.

Track list:
1. Creation
2. The Lord of the Morning
3. Osiris
4. Horus the Avenger
5. Anubis
6. Sobek
7. Slaying Apophis
8. Destruction

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