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Magnum -The Monster Roars dlp [clear]


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Double album on clear vinyls with gatefold cover

It’s a sign of definite quality when a band can look back at a career which started as early as 1972 (!) And are still capable of thoroughly awing their fans with every new album. Magnum deliver this kind of quality on a regular basis and are set to prove their outstanding position once again with their 2022 studio offering The Monster Roars. Even after difficult months marked by pandemic-related concert cancellations, contact restrictions and uncertain perspectives for the whole music industry, the English rock act have succeeded in creating a vibrant, homogeneous work that impresses it’s listeners from the first to the last note and includes a number of surprises. It also feels like a throwback more to their 1980s albums. Its fantastic to hear most of the songs on this are catchy with the big sing-along choruses with Bob Catley really showing his vocal range on this. There’s a good variety of songs on here and in Walk the Silent Hours they have recorded one of the classic Magnum ballads that they do so well. The Monster Roars is a well-tempered mixture of typical Magnum trademarks, contemporary influences and trailblazing approaches which are guaranteed to win the band lots of new fans. Overall an excellent purchase for anyone who loves melodic rock music

Cd/ Cassette track list:
1. The Monster Roars
2. Remember
3. All You Believe In
4. I Wont Let You Down
5. The Present Not The Past
6. No Steppin Stones
7. That Freedom Word
8. Your Blood Is Violence
9. Walk The Silent Hours
10. The Day After The Night Before
11. Come Holy Men
12. Cant Buy Yourself A Heaven

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