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Maieutiste -S/t dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Maieutiste is a French Black and Doom Metal quartet, one that has taken a very progressive approach to both of the before-mentioned genres while at the same time fusing them together. Their self titled debut album is a 76 minute long album with music that is grim and mysterious while not being afraid to experiment and stretch the tenets of the genre. Maieutiste is infused with a playful experimentalism involving elements of Doom, Jazz and Progressive Rock. Traditional black metal is the core of their sound though, so don’t mistake this for a free-form, substance-free exploration of whatever the band feel like; instead we simply get black metal that adds to, and spreads out from, the core of the style, like a grand contagion. The music sweeps like a cloak of darkness and the performance is varied and interesting. One moment you could be listening to misery-drenched Depressive Black Metal, and the next you could be listening to a stirring, epic refrain akin to the best that Viking metal has to offer. This is one example of many and demonstrates the talent and ability of Maieutiste. It’s a long and involving album, but ultimately a rewarding one. Check out Maieutiste and see if it hits that spot for you.

Track list:
1. Introductions
2. In The Mirror
3. Reflect – Disappear
4. Purgatoire
5. The Fall
6. Absolution
7. The Eye Of Maieutic Art
8. Lifeless Visions
9. Fortuna
10. Death To Free Thinkers
11. Annonciation
12. Death To Socrates

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Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions

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