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Makeup And Vanity Set ‎–Wavehymnal MC


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French pressed music cassette. Purple cassette with paper label. Limited 130 copies

We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment’s scenarios. Pattern recognition.

Wavehymnal is the first EP in Makeup And Vanity Sets Neuromancer series completed by Chrome (2017) and Syncro (2017). With this trilogy, the Nashville musician Matthew Pusti have brought a very Jarresque and cautiously optimistic conclusion to the diegesis. The Wavehymnal album sustains the dark mood of MAVS’ previous releases while making it more accessible to dance floors, as opposed to the more soundtrack-influence compositions usually found in the Synthwave genre. For listeners familiar with MAVS’ back catalog, it can be described as a melange of previous albums “88:88” and “Wilderness”, but leaning towards an even darker future to come. Joining him with remixes on this EP is a Chiptune triad of Covox, Dubmood, and Trey Frey.

Track list:
1. Stalker
2. Death Laser
3. Wavehymnal
4. Ono Sendai
5. Who Does
6. Stalker-Trey Frey and Dubmood remix
7. Who Does-Covox remix

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