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Malevolent Creation -Joe Black lp


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This is a different release than any other Malevolent Creation album. It is not a typical studio album but it’s a compilation of remixes, demos and cover tunes. The album starts with three tracks that didn’t make it onto ‘Eternal’ but they have the same production as ‘Eternal’ and they are just as brutal and fucking rips you apart. It follows by three remixes from ‘Eternal’. The remixes are almost in the vein of the remixes on Fear Factory’s Remanufactured (Cloning Technology) and the Fear Is A Mindkiller EP. Not to worry, it’s not electronica at all and this is in no way the next musical direction for the band. Malevolent Creation will always be Malevolent Creation. The songs are cool but also strange and weird for the die hard Malevolent fan. There are also 3 demo tracks that are pure treasures for the Malevolent fans as they sound heavier and more brutal then the originals.

Track listing:
1. Joe Black-1995
2. Self-Important Freak-1995
3. Sadistic Perversity-1995
4. No Salvation-remix from Eternal album
5. To Kill-remix from Eternal album
6. Tasteful Agony-remix from Eternal album
7. Genetic Affliction-1993 demo
8. Raining Blood-Slayer cover
9. Remnants Of Withered Decay-1990 demo
10. Impaled Existence-1990 demo

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