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Malicious Death -From Above cd


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Although the seizure inducing cover art for ‘From Above’ may not scream Thrash band, but the general elements contained in the music for the album from Finnish act Malicious Death certainly do. The band does have tendencies towards an early Death Metal sound which becomes apparent with the raw edges on ‘From Above’, but it’s pretty obvious to which genre the band is catering towards. Even with the Thrash bands coming out of the woodwork in troves, it’s hard not to enjoy the rather consistent sound that Malicious Death works on with this third record. The band certainly Thrashes it up with their ruckus energetic riffs, group chants like on ‘One By One’, and spastic drum fills. To this end, the band puts together a fairly memorable album that really piles on some great pull. This is partnered with a slightly Death Metal tinged detailing that adds a bit of edge to the over saturated older Thrash sound. The production is raw and dirty which adds this heavier element to the music and the vocalist’s gurgling and rasps hint towards those early days of Death Metal when bands just wanted to sound more gruelling. The consistency of the album does make it want to blend together a little bit too much and many of the filler tracks get lost and smashed together with the better ones. This is the main problem with the burden/brilliance of how much Malicious Death sticks to their established sound. If you enjoy the sound, then you are going to love most of the album whether its one of the tighter tracks or not. ‘From Above’ may not be one of the best albums to be released for Thrash even this year, but its consistency and Death Metal tendencies make it a strong addition to one’s collection. Mostly for fans of the general sound, but Malicious Death know what they do and they stick to it.

Track listing:
1. Death By Dawn
2. One By One
3. Crooked Cross
4. No Justice
5. Reign Of Chaos
6. Blasphemy
7. Storm Of The Metal
8. Thrash Till Death
9. From Above

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