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Malignant Tumour ‎–In Full Swing cd


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Malignant Tumours In Full Swing isn’t original in any way, shape or form. What it is is loud, fast and fun — and you can’t ask for much more than that. If you don’t like Motorhead and other punk-flavored metal with a sense of humor, something tells me that you should stop reading this right here. Go listen to some hyper-technical act singing about pollution and political discord and let those of us who like music best accompanied by the slosh of beer against the rim of our mug talk about Malignant Tumour’s In Full Swing. Malignant Tumour’s been infecting Eastern Europe since the early 1990’s, but if this album’s any indication, there’s never been a better time to check these Czechs out. Are the lyrics silly? You betcha. But then again, there’s a bit of charm in verses like “I see the barrels of cool and greatest beer/Our fans know they drink without fear.” Besides that, most of the songs are so fast you’ll never understand the words unless you read the lyrics booklet anyway. What sets these guys apart from bands like Speedwolf or Midnight is that instead of taking away some of the punk elements found in classic Motörhead these guys replace it with D-beat punk influence. Something more in the vein of bands like Inepsy. Something that often gets called crust’n roll. I do not consider this actually separate enough from bands like Speedwolf to truly call it something else so I just call it all Motörbastard metal.

Track list:
1. We Paint The Town Red
2. We Are The Metal
3. Bistroll
4. Smack The Fools
5. Renault Star
6. High Time To An End
7. In Full Swing
8. Electric Church
9. In Bottle There’s No Law
10. Dressed To Kill
11. Hellbooze Armageddon
12. Multimediabonus

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