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Man.Machine.Industry ‎–Reborn cd


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Since J. Bergman (Slapdash/Rosicrucian/Reignsaw) and his creation Man Machine Industry had the opportunity to appear in the Playstation / X-Box game The Darkness the band have never stopped moving forward in making new music for the masses. With their 2016 album Box Of Horrors showed a band that had become even heavier than before. After a European tour supporting Prong the band headed back to the studio to re-record 14 fan favourites to release on this album, Reborn. J.B calls the music he writes for MMI; Heavy metal with a thrashy edge and an industrial touch. That’s what Man.Machine.Industy is all about

Track list:
1. To A Blood Red Sky
2. The Cross
3. Let It Burn
4. 20 000 Horns At The Sky
5. Aim Hold Fire
6. Lean Back Relax And Watch The World Burn
7. Kill
8. Time
9. Heading For Nowhere
10. Almost Gone
11. Knuckle Duster
12. The Hunt
13. Eighties
14. Trend Killer

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