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Manes -Be All End All cd


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Eagerly awaited by an army of fans fascinated by the mythical albums Vilosophe (2003) and How The World Came To An End (2007), Be All End All, the 2014 album of the Norwegian legend Manes, is not a simple sequel…this extraodinary release marks, once again, a new step forward along an incredible path of artistic exploration. Be All End All is an unforgettable journey into a wide variety of musical styles and moods, finding its destination somewhere between electronic sounds, delicate art-rock, intimate trip-hop, deep ambient soundscapes, and, as always with Manes, it displays fantastic and graceful songwriting. Arranged with an impressive artistic vision, Be All End All is probably the group’s most experimental and ambitious work yet. Anyone that were happy to hear that Manes would return will probably adore this album. This is experimental avant-garde medal that will grow with every listening. Its just incredible

Track list:
1. A Deathpact Most Imminent
2. Ars Moriendi (The Lower Crown)
3. A Safe Place In The Unsafe
4. Blanket Of Ashes
5. Broken Fire
6. Free As In Free To Leave
7. Name The Serpent
8. The Nature And Function Of Sacrifice
9. Turn The Streams

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