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Manifestic ‎–Anonymous Souls cd


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Active since 2014, Anonymous Souls is Manifestic’s debut release. The band hails from Germanys infamous Ruhr area. They take a classic approach which is occasionally reminiscent of Teutonic thrash legends Kreator, Manifestic are more than your run of the mill speed metal freaks. They boast a driving melodic mentality that screams progression as well as maturity. They have razor-sharp riffs in the vein of Megadeth while they expand their sound with technical and melodic elements reminiscent of Death’s Symbolic album with complex aggressive riffing and dual vocalists. The vocals provide a venomous addition adding to recognizable memorability of the strike. Manifestic’s complex attack seems effortless for a group that views velocity as an integral part of their formula. Metal is all about speed and this band is ready to burnout your ear drums. Let the magnificent tempos of Manifestic’s Anonymous Souls become familiar to you!

Track list:
1. Anonymous Souls
2. Deaf, Dumb And Blind
3. Wide Open
4. Time Will Collapse
5. Incognito
6. Spiritual Abyss
7. Silicon War
8. Code Of Silence
9. 263
10. Pillars Of Democracy
11. Poisoned Waters

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