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Mansion –We Shall Live lp


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Rare private pressing on black vinyl with insert. Limited 200 copies

The Finnish hard rock act Mansion performs music like no other acts at the moment. This band seem to take their cue far more from Sixties/Seventies folk-rock artists like Bread Love and Dreams or Caravan than from Deep Purple, Sabbath or Zeppelin. The opening track has a beautiful, floating organ straight off the finer prog albums of the Seventies before Keyboardist and vocalist Alma’s sublime other-worldly voice lulls us into the land of subtle rhythm guitar and Jinx Dawson-esque chanting. The lyrical themes are interesting, focusing on an old Finnish cult called Kartanoism, a creepy crawly group known for their child preachers, devoted to asceticism but to a freakish extent; the presentation is possibly more creepy than witchcraft or Satanism. Their music is a great combination of doom, psychedelic rock and cult rock and with an eerie feeling. This is pure well honed art and Alma has a unique and awesome voice. There are more well known acts out there like Jex Toth, Purson, Blood Ceremony, Sabbath Assembly, The Devils Blood that get more attention then Mansion which is disappointing really. A big and pleasant surprise and one of the most interesting Occult doom rock acts around.

Track list:
1. Mothers Burden
2. We Shall Live
3. Sorrowless
4. Slumber Sermon

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