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Manticora ‎–To Kill To Live To Kill/To Live To Kill To Live 3lp


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2020 triple vinyl release on black vinyls featuring both albums in the concept series. Limited 250 copies

Danish thrash/power metallers, Manticora, presented the first part of another concept double-album release with two albums released as two separate albums, one year apart. It´s based on the horror novel that was written by the lead singer, Lars F. Larsen, and the artwork resembles the stories of the novel. The first part is To Kill To Live To Kill while the second part of the same grandiose concept was called To Kill To Live To Live. Jacob Hansen worked wonders on the production, as well as David Troest, creating a stunning piece of artwork for the album. Here on this triple vinyl set you’ll find both albums so just sit back and enjoy this massive work of metal perfection

Track list:
1. Piano Concrete no 1 – B Flat Minor
2. Echoes Of A Silent Scream
3. Through The Eyes Of A Killer – Towering Over You
4. Growth
5. Katana – Awakening The Lunacy
6. The Farmers Arsle Pt 1 – The Aftermath Of Indifference
7. Humiliation Supreme (instrumental)
8. Through The Eyes Of The Killer – Revival Of The Muse That Is Violence
9. The Devil In Lisbon
10. Nothing Lasts Forever
11. Katana – Opium
12. Annihilation At The Graves
13. Katana – The Moths And The Dragonflies / Katana – Mud
14. To Nanjing
15. Eaten By The Beasts
16. Slaughter In The Desert Room
17. Filing Teeth
18. Katana – Death Of The Meaning Of Life
19. Tasered – Ice Cage
20. Goodbye Tina
21. Tasered – Removal
22. Stalin Strikes
23. Ten Thousand Cold Nights
24. Katana – Beheaded

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