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Need quality death metal fast, press...

Marauder -Sense Of Metal cd [original]


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Rare original 1997 press on Live Records

Marauder is a Greek epic heavy metal band that was formed in Athens back in 1990. Their debut album was originally released on the small local Live Records. The band would continue to struggle with record companies and getting their material distributed until 2004 when they signed to Eat Metal Records who released their third album Life and also re-released the bands two first albums. Sense Of Metal starts out with Faster Than Thunder (after a small intro) and shows the band’s intentions from the first minute. Raw, uncompromising Heavy Metal is what we get!

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Faster Than Thunder
3. For Us Metal Is Enough
4. Born Again
5. Sense Of Metal
6. Homicide
7. Fly Into A Perfect Dream
8. Classics Never Die
9. Say It Again
10. Fire To The Fraud

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