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Marauder -Sense Of Metal cd


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2005 remastered edition with the Try To Live demo 1991 material as bonus

Athen, Greece based epic heavy metal band. The band started in 1990 but struggle for years with record companies. With their third album they found found their place with Eat Metal records. Eat metal records released the bands third album ‘Life’ but they also re-issued this the bands first album in 2005, remastered and with the complete ‘Try To Live’ demo and a video clip as bonus.. The album starts with ‘Faster Than Thunder’ (after a small intro) and shows the band’s intentions from the first minute. Raw, uncompromising Heavy Metal is what we get!

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Faster Than Thunder
3. For Us Metal Is Enough
4. Born Again
5. Sense Of Metal
6. Homicide
7. Fly Into A Perfect Dream
8. Classics Never Die
9. Say It Again
10. Fire To The Fraud
11. Worlds Funeral-Try To Live demo 91
12. Try To Live-Try To Live demo 91
13. Crazy Dream-Try To Live demo 91
14. Light Of Tomorrow-Try To Live demo 91
15. Try To Live-live video clip

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Eat Metal

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E.M.R. 004