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Marc Fredericks ‎–The Red Mantle lp


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Reduced price due to cover having a G written in lower left corner, being vg and having a cut out (see picture 2)

American 1972 press on RCA Victor Records

The Red Mantle (or Hagbard And Signe as its also known) is a 1967 internationally co-produced drama film based on the story of Hagbard and Signy from the twelfth-century work Gesta Danorum. The movie was directed by Gabriel Axel and won a Technical Prize at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival. The actors are more than accomplished. The king and queen are played by Gunnar Bjornstrand and Eva Dahlbeck, two veteran members of Ingmar Bergman’s repertory company. We also have Gitte Haenning, Oleg Vidov and Jörgen Lantz in the cast. The dialog is rare and sparse; for long passages, we hear nothing but natural sounds, and when the characters do speak they say only what is necessary. This helps to establish the film as legend; talking too much would only get us bogged down. The soundtrack was created by Marc Fredericks and its a very sensitive score just there to ad pace to the story. One particular enchanting melody has been given a sensitive lyric by Academy Award winner Sammy Cahn. Its the films haunting Love Theme, A Moment Of Your Love. Judy Scotts striking performance of the song is richly rewarding to the listener and a decided asset to the track.

Track list:
1. The Truce
2. First Meeting
3. Signes Embrace
4. When Will The Killing End
5. The Chess Game
6. The Tree
7. Off To Battle
8. Hagbards Survival
9. Tender Love
10. Death March
11. The Discovery
12. Hagbards Capture
13. The Trial
14. Death And Reincarnation
15. A Moment Of Your Love

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