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Marduk -Heaven Shall Burn lp [clear puple]


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Rare 2018 edition on clear purple vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

Sonically, Marduk’s fourth full-length album, Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered, was a step forward for the Swedish black metallers; this 1996 session boasted a cleaner, sharper production than their three previous albums. But stylistically, Marduk were still Marduk, and that meant an unwavering commitment to pummeling, skull-crushing black metal. Marduk had no interest in expanding their stylistic horizons. Heaven Shall Burn does not run away from Marduk’s style which is a big part of the album’s charm and explains why black metal purists hold the disc in high regard. Purists, it has often been argued, are the folks who do everything they can to hold a genre or style of music back creatively, but purists — on the other hand — will respond that they are the ones who fight to keep a genre or style of music from becoming watered down. Better sounding and more consistent than its predecessors, 1996’s Heaven Shall Burn was Marduk’s best album up to that point.

Track listing:
1. Summon The Darkness
2. Beyond The Grace Of God
3. Infernal Eternal
4. Glorification Of The Black God
5. Darkness It Shall Be
6. The Black Tormentor Of Satan
7. Dracul Va Domni Din Nov In Transylvania
8. Legion

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