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Marduk -Opus Nocturne pic disc


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2008 picture disc re-issue with different cover artwork and 3 bonus rehearsal tracks. Limited 500 copies

Marduks third album is consider by many to have been recorded at their golden age of creativeness, they were at the very top on Opus Nocturne. First you have the funeral-mood organ. Then the words “praise hail Satan!” followed by seemingly neverending blastbeats and doublekicks, and a very bad production compared to regular metal albums. In other words classic black metal when it’s at its best. Opus Nocturne is definitely not going to appeal to everyone out there, but those seeking True Black Metal should adorn their collection with this jewel.

Track list:
1. The Appearance Of Spirits Of Darkness
2. Sulphur Souls
3. From Subterranean Throne Profound
4. Autumnal Reaper
5. Materialized In Stone
6. Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II)
7. Opus Nocturne
8. Deme Quaden Thyrane
9. The Sun Has Failed
10. Sulphur Souls-rehearsal April 1994
11. Materialized In Stone-rehearsal April 1994
12. Opus Nocturne-rehearsal April 1994

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