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Marduk -Panzer Division Marduk box [4×7 pic disc]


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Limited box set featuring the ‘Panzer Divison Marduk’ album pressed on 4 vinyl single picture discs

Despite the title, any kind of tank analogy would be inappropriate in describing Panzer Division Marduk, Marduk’s sixth shard of studio shrapnel. Tanks are massive, mobile cannons that crush whatever is in their way; the eight-song frenzy of blastbeats that is Panzer Division Marduk is more akin to being strafed by machine guns for the album’s 30-minute duration. Song variation isn’t the point here, just straight-up, full-force pummel; raspy vocal belching and blurry death riffs. Now, there is always a place for albums of this kind being as anti-commercial, nasty, menacing, blasphemous and proudly one-dimensional. Panzer Division Marduk is blastbeating fast, hard and exist to invoke hatred and malice

Track listing:
1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Baptism By Fire
3. Christraping Black Metal
4. Scorched Earth
5. Beast Of Prey
6. Blooddawn
7. 502
8. Fistfucking Gods Planet

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