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Marduk -Strigzscara lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 500 copies

On the 18th of December Marduk released 4 official bootleg vinyls in homage of their 25 year long history. The band performed two exclusive gigs at the Black Christmass festival in their hometown on the 18 and 19th of December. Two vinyl singles and two lps featuring exclusive and rare live material from the first 9 years as a band. The material featured on these releases are raw and blasphemous and is truly only for the most dedicated fans. This vinyl was recorded live in Norrkoping, Sweden in December 1993

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Darkness Breeds Immortality
3. A Sculpture of the Night
4. The Funeral Seemed to Be Endless
5. On Darkened Wings
6. The Black Goat
7. The Sun Turns Black as Night
8. Wolves
9. Stone Stands Its Silent Vigil
10. Dark Endless
11. Those of the Unlight
12. Still Fucking Dead
13. Burn My Coffin

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Blooddawn productions

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