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Marduk -Warschau MC


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German pressed music cassette. Clear and green cassette with black text. Limited 300 numbered copies

Marduk released their 10th anniversary with the release of Infernal Eternal another 5 years down the road and its time for another celebration. The 15th anniversary live album is recorded in Warshau 2005 and in my ears this ones is superior to the previous live ones. First of all, the sound quality is excellent. The drums are the thing that hold Marduk together and there are few or even no audible technical mistakes at all. Guitars and bass are great, no doubt, but the band member that makes this release stand out is Mortuus. His voice does fit perfectly no matter what some say, and even if Legion was the singer of the classic lineup of Marduk, the new members replace the old ones without problems. Although Mortuus voice might not be the right one for songs like Azrael and Slay the nazarene, which lowers the score a little bit, you just have to hear him screaming Panzer Divison Marduk to be stunned. In the history of hyper-speed black metal bands Marduk is clearly one of the standout ones and this is one hell of a live album to have in your collection

Track listing:
1. The Hangman Of Prague
2. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
3. Slay The Nazarene
4. Azrael
5. Burn My Coffin
6. Panzer Division Marduk
7. Blutrache
8. Bleached Bones
9. The Black
10. Steel Inferno
11. On Darkened Wings
12. With Satan And Victorious Weapons
13. Throne Of Rats
14. To The Death’s Head True
15. Sulphur Souls
16. Warschau
17. Wolves

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DSR 039

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