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Marduk -Wormwood lp


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2020 press on black vinyl with gatefold cover

An unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extremity combined with a relentless touring schedule and a steady stream of recordings has helped establish Sweden’s Marduk as one of the best-known bands on the Scandinavian black metal scene. Marduk is stronger then ever before! Once again have they made an outstanding black-metal style slab of insanity with Wormwood. This is a MUST have album for all Marduk fans, or better black metal fans in general.

Track listing:
1. Nowhere No-One Nothing
2. Funeral Dawn
3. This Fleshly Void
4. Unclosing The Curse
5. Into Utter Madness
6. Phosphorous Redeemer
7. To Redirect Perdition
8. Whorecrown
9. Chorus Of Cracking Necks
10. As A Garment
11. Shadows Comes

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