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Mark Of The Devil lp


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Deluxe vinyl edition with gatefold cover, insert and OBI-strip

This album features the soundtracks to Mark Of The Devil (aka Hexen) and Mark Of The Devil II. The first film, which was directed by Michael Armstrong, was released in 1970 and known to horror fans for being the first movie to receive the notorious ‘V’ for violence certificate. Vomit bags were also given to the audience upon admission. The soundtrack was composed by Michael Holm (Cusco) and the theme “Liebesthema” was used in 2011’s Hobo With A Shotgun. The soundtrack to Mark Of The Devil II was composed by Don Banks, John Scott and Sam Sklair. Banks is known for his scores to Hammer films such as The Evil Of Frankenstein and The Mummy’s Shroud.

Track list:
1. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Title)
2. Michael Holm -Hexerthema
3. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Vanessa Verliebt Sich)
4. Michael Holm -Haut An Haut
5. Michael Holm -Hexerthema/Liebesthema
6. Michael Holm -Nachticht Vom Prinzen
7. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Das Grosse Gluck)
8. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Überfall Auf Die Kutsche)
9. Michael Holm -Hexerthema (Johannas Kinder)
10. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Der Erste Kuss)
11. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Vanessa Trifft Christian)
12. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Am Bach)
13. Michael Holm -Liebesthema (Kuss In Freiheit)
14. Don Banks -Chase Sequence
15. Don Banks -Tense Moments
16. Don Banks -Empty Buildings
17. John Scott -Drama Heights
18. Eddie Warner -Devastation
19. Sam Sklair -Father Duffy
20. Sam Sklair -Father Duffy-alternate version
21. Tony Tape -Space Station

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