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Mark Mulcahy ‎–Dear Mark J. Mulcahy I Love You lp


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His first album since 2005’s In Pursuit Of Your Happiness, Mark Mulcahy returns from an eight-year absence with Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You. Where the singer/songwriters earlier work was possessed of a certain shimmering quality, the songs here feel more grounded in their production, with Mulcahy mostly strumming out his tunes on an acoustic guitar instead of a jangly electric. While the sonic palette may have shifted, the mood feels appropriately wistful and melancholy, a feeling that fans of Mulcahy’s daydreamy style will find comforting and familiar.

Track list:
1. I Taketh Away
2. Everybody Hustles Leo
3. She Makes The World Turn Backwards
4. Let The Fireflies Fly Away
5. He’s A Magnet
6. My Rose Coloured Friend
7. Bailing Out On Everything Again
8. Badly Madly
9. Poison Candy Heart
10. The Rabbit
11. Where’s The Indifference Now?

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