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Need quality death metal fast, press...

Massacra -Final Holocaust lp [blue]


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Rare 2014 press on blue vinyl with lp sized booklet. Limited 400 copies

This is what death/thrash should sound like. The classical backbone of the songs is just unbelievably kickass with the fast paced thrash. Apocalyptic Warrior starts this debut album and the vocals are very aggressive and suit the music perfectly. The whole album is dark and its heavy the whole way through, its definitely essential to any fan of death or thrash metal. One of the finest export France ever had.

Track Listing
1. Apocalyptic Warriors
2. Researchers of Tortures
3. Sentenced For Life
4. War of Attrition
5. Nearer to Death
6. Final Holocaust
7. Eternal Hate
8. The Day of Massacra

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