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Massacre –Mythos pic disc


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10” picture disc

The magnitude of Massacre’s 2021 return-with original members Kam Lee (ex-Death) and Mike Borders are back in the fold-is incontestable as they harness eldritch powers of the Great Old Ones to properly follow-up From Beyond (1991). The 2021 release Resurgence found Massacre born again and in many ways stronger than ever. Now you have the Mthos EP, clearly inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Musically speaking its a damn solid release. 4 tracks that are similar in style to Resurgence which means death metal with some brutal and catchy fun.

Track list:
1. Behind The Serpents Curse
2. The Dunwich Horror
3. The Mythos That Lovecraft Built
4. The Thing On The Doorstep

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Steelbreaker Records

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