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Master Boot Record ‎–C:>Chkdsk /F MC


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French pressed music cassette. Black cassette with black paper label. Comes with a Master Boot Record 5×7 cm sticker

Master Boot Record is an electronic metal project composed entirely with synthesized instruments. As most metalheads have a mild dislike for synthesizers the same way Senator McCarthy had a mild dislike for communism, I find myself with the difficult task of not only defending C:CHKDSK /F but even recommending it. Quite recently Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) started this chiptune / synthwave / symphonic metal solo project. There’s a certain mythology behind Master Boot Record, with a description reading: I am a 486DX-33Mhz-64mb processing avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal and classical symphonic music. So, not much more explanation is needed. Each track is instrumental and the lyric text found on the web aren’t actually included in the song, They include glimpses into a bigger story filled with smart viruses and computer minds that are more intelligent than we could ever imagine. The retro aesthetic in the album is high and is pulled off extremely well with most of the electronic lines within the album similar to that of an electronic guitar. Victor Love is doing this and he’s doing it well. New Wave Of Synthetic Heavy Metal is not something I ever thought I’d enjoy. But now when i have heard it and think about then i guess it shouldn’t be that surprising that the marriage of video game soundtracks and metal could be anything but pure bliss

Track list:
1. IO.Sys
2. MSDOS.Sys
3. Xcopy.Exe
4. Config.Sys
5. Autoexec.Bat
6. Command.Com
7. Format.Exe
8. Nwoshm.Txt
9. Bayarea.Bmp
10. Virtuaverse.Gif

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