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Master Boot Record ‎–Floppy Disk Overdrive dlp [white]


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Double album on white vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 200 numbered copies

Proving that guitars aren’t really necessary to make great rock music, the Italian project Master Boot Record has made waves in underground circles with metal-inspired shred that boasts an almost complete lack of instruments. Fully instrumental and almost fully electronic, Floppy Disk Overdrive is a shred guitar album without the guitars. No fan of progressive or shred music could have possibly made it this far in life without ever hearing a keyboard solo, but I’d wager few would have considered creating metal songs with keyboards playing heavyass riffs conventionally played on very loud guitars. Master Boot Record makes this seemingly questionable move work admirably well and if marketing is to be believed, Master Boot Record is a sentient program that creates 100% synthetic music bearing titles you’d sooner type into a C prompt than a Spotify search bar. It’s a fun gimmick, but listeners would be wise to not let that obscure the fact that Floppy Disk Overdrive is a beguilingly charming record.

Track list:
1. Ansi Sys
2. Edit com
3. Fdisk exe
4. Display sys
5. Chkdsk exe
6. Defrag exe
7. Ramdrive sys
8. Dblspace exe
9. Smartdrv exe
10. Diskcopy com
11. Emm386 exe
12. Himem sys

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