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Master Boot Record ‎–Interrupt Request MC


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French pressed music cassette. All over printed cassette. Limited 150 copies

Master Boot Record is an electronic avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal and classical symphonic music project composed entirely with synthesized instruments (or New Wave Of Synthesized Heavy Metal as Master Boot Record’s operator likes to call it). There’s a certain mythology behind Master Boot Record, with a description reading: I am a 486DX-33Mhz-64mb processor. Each track is instrumental with most of the electronic lines within the album similar to that of an electronic guitar, it sounds like a hybrid of the mechanical and instrument alike, and it’s fun. So if you like heavy metal, electronic music, classical music, computers, sci-fi movies and cyberpunk games then you will love this stuff. Is not just a good album its the whole experience a great combination.

Track list:
1. System Clock
2. Keyboard
3. Cascade
4. Modem
5. Mouse
6. Sound Blaster
7. Floppy Disk Drive
8. Printer
9. Cmos
10. Network
11. 3DFX
12. SCSI
13. VGA
14. Coprocessor
15. Primary Ide
16. Secondary Ide

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