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Master -On The Other Side Of A Dream cd


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Master (a.k.a. Mactep) was formed in April, 1987 by Andrei Bolshakov (guitars), Alexander Granovsky (bass), Igor Molchanov (drums), and Kiril Pokrovsky (keyboards) from the band Aria. They left because they wanted to play heavier and faster than Aria’s heavy-metal sound. Master became Russias first and finest thrash metal band. The band have gone throught tons of line-up changes leavingAndrei Bolshakov as the only original member. This seventh studio album was released in 2006 and it’s a result of a collaboration with Margarita Pushkina (aka Margenta).

Track listing:
1. Dance
2. Rock Genious
3. Spheres Music
4. Beyond
5. Annas song
6. Berlioz death
7. Conferance
8. Dream on
9. War-live in studio
10. Beyond The Dream(Part 1)
11. Brokilon Forest
12. Rats
13. Stones Son
14. Barbarians Time
15. Live In Studio
16. Whirlpool
17. Marble Angel
18. Beyond The Dream (Part 2)
19. Confusion

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