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Master -Collection Of Souls lp [silver]


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Silver vinyl with gatefold cover and one bonus track. Limited 500 copies

Even before Master got signed to Nuclear Blast in 1989, the band’s demo recordings already had a major impact on the worldwide underground metal scene. Master were among the very first to take the blueprint of metal to a more extreme sound and songwriting approach. Paul Speckmann and co. matured the Thrash Metal scene and gave birth to the Death Metal scene along with the likes of Mantas/Death, Repulsion, Slaughter, Possessed and Celtic Frost. Things evolved even further, and members of late 1980s fresh Extreme Metal acts like Napalm Death, Benediciton and Terrorizer started pushing labels like Nuclear Blast to give the not-long-before reunited Master their change to finally do their full length debut. Master got indeed signed and proceeded to record their self titled debut at Morrisound Studios in 1990 with Scott Burns. While Paul Speckmann and Chris Mittleburn (guitars) mixed the recordings to their satisfaction, drummer Bill Schmidt and producer Scott Burns got together to master the recording. Without approval they triggered the drums which gave the recordings an unpleasant, machine-like artificial flavour. And then Scott forgot to include some solos while mastering. Nevertheless, the recordings got released and sold extremely well. Reviews were raving and it was not long before this debut became an instant classic. With the second and third album they were pushing that typical solid back-bone pounding Master style even further, these two full lengths featured all new hard-hitting tracks of utter metal brutality.

Track listing:
1. Inner Selfless Pride
2. Justice Or Fate
3. Blinded Faith
4. Constant Reminders
5. Glorify The Dead
6. A Taste Of Insanity
7. Jailbreak-Thin Lizzy cover
8. Hidden Stories
9. Silver Spoon
10. Collection Of Souls

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