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Mastodon ‎–The Wolf Is Loose pic disc


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Original 2006 12″ picture disc single

“The Wolf is Loose” pretty much sums up the entire Blood Mountain album in a nutshell, with it’s blisteringly high octane pace, ascending bridges, and vocals split pretty evenly between the manic shouts of the past and the Mudvayne voice of the future. This is a three and a half minute foray to insanity and back. It is followed by a live version of Capillarian Crest, which show case a more progressive, aggressive style, rife with tapping leads and frantic melodies. Again, it shows that they are pretty good at most of the styles they toy around with, even though they are mainly just reaching to other areas for inspiration in their own defined sound, as opposed to trying desperately to appeal to everybody. So if you like these tracks then its difficult to see why you wouldn’t enjoy Blood Mountain and you will probably be blown away by some of it too.

Track list:
1. The Wolf Is Loose-album version
2. Capillarian Crest-live version

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