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Mausoleum –Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness MC


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Official Indonesian pressed music cassette. White cassette with black paper label. Limited 66 numbered copies

The morbid coffin of Mausoleum has been opened and out from its foetid confines lurks, Cadaveric Displays Of Choulish Ghastliness. This abhorrently horror-choked album from the Johnstown, Pennsylvania doom-horde is a tribute to the ghastly old school death metal sounds of Autopsy and the first two Death albums. The album also features some nice vintage tremolo rhythms and a moody catacomb atmosphere and brutal vocals reminiscent of Reifert, Schuldiner, Tardy and van Drunen. Nothing morbidly obese with quality and ideas, but a fun enough listen once in a blood moon.

Track list:
1. Flesh Fiends
2. Entombed In The Womb
3. Absolution For The Living Dead
4. Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness
5. Regurgitated Rebirth
6. Mortal Extinction
7. Horrifying World Of Disembodied Souls
8. Tombs Of The Blind Dead
9. Destined To Fester-Autopsy cover

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