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Maxmillion -S/t cd


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Hailing from California, this trio (featuring members of 16 and Fistula) drops some unusual rhythmic sludge meets stoner action with some sick vocal screams alongside burly detuned riffing that generally flows along at a slow to moderate pace. There are also some unexpectedly experimental guitar textures that come into play throughout, adding a bit more atmosphere to the groove laden riffing that dominates the disc. ‘Pure Black’ is even based around slick clean guitars and spoken/sung vocals – a stark contrast to most of the other material. ‘Designed by the Vultures’ adds to the general formula some slight melody and a few passages that are more dissonant and even heavier than most of the other tracks, which definitely makes a strong impression. To make comparisons for the complete album might be difficult, but they pull together elements of sludge, metalcore, doom and thrash resulting in one severe experience of pure sonic heaviness. This is a promising release from a band that I doubt has reached their pinnacle just yet.

Track listing:
1. Waste Of Relations
2. The Angel That Fell Through Earth
3. Pure Black
4. Night Of The Prominent Scar
5. Dilated Eyes
6. Cold Steel Warm Heart
7. Burning The Life
8. Designed By The Vultures

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