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Mayhem ‎–Ordo Ad Chao lp [China]


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Orange smokey vinyl with gatefold cover, poster and OBI-strip. Limited 100 copies

With Attila (of cult Tormentor fame) back in the band on vocals, Mayhem now brings a well-balanced fine mix of the early-days straight-forward evilness and the more recent-days technical avant-gardish ecstasy! The most complete album by this band! “Ordo Ad Chao”, is Mayhem playing around the expression “Ordo Ab Chao”, Latin for “Order from chaos”. The translation of the title would be “Order Towards Chaos”, except it’s grammatically incorrect (it should be “Ordo Ad Chaos”.)

Track list:
1. A Wise Birthgiver
2. Wall Of Water
3. Great Work Of Ages
4. Deconsecrate
5. Illuminate Eliminate
6. Psychic Horns
7. Key To The Storms
8. Anti

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Northeast Steel Industry Records

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