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Mayhem -Live In Zeitz lp


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Black vinyl with an 8-page lp sized booklet

Mayhem are the most controversial, most prolific of the black metal bands but also one of the forefathers of the genre. The band name was a synonym to mostly everything the band did during the first years of existence. This album includes one of the few live recordings that exist with Dead on vocals and at the bottom line the sounds on this album is less than perfect in fact they could be dramatically improved but that would defeat the purpose of this album and of the band. The legendary Dead has a kind of growly, screamy, whatever style vocals that almost hurt the ears when he talks to the crowd, but fits in very well with the noise/music. The sound is so live and so honest with technical flaws, fuck-ups and disagreements, no bullshit overdubs. This is Mayhem in the raw and if you arent into muffled screams and guitars then black metal really is not for you. Recorded live in Zeitz, Germany on the 24th of November 1990

Track listing
1. Deathcrush
2. Necrolust
3. Funeral Fog
4. Freezing Moon
5. Carnage
6. Buried By Time And Dust
7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
8. Pagan Fears

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