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Meduza –Upon The World cd [promo]


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Reduced price due to small ringwear on back cover

PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectible releases

German promo cd in cardboard sleeve.

Neoclassical power metal band from Stockholm/ Piteå, Sweden. Originally formed in 1994 but it wasnt until the year 2000 that they decided to change their name to Meduza. The band knows how to dish up the melodious Power Metal. Stefen Berg’s neo-classical guitar work is in full swing, and Apollo Papathanasiou’s silvery vocals make their presence felt. If you like Symphony X and want a guitarist that reeks of Malmsteen and Blackmore then this is for you.

Track list:
1. Design For Life
2. The Vision
3. Dream On
4. Divina Comedia
5. Face Of A Demon
6. Upon The World
7. Can You Tell
8. Voices
9. In Death

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