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Mefisto -I In The Sky 7″ [red]


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Exclusive Record Store Day 2018 single on red vinyl. Limited 300 copies

I In The Sky is a grand work of diabolical evil that takes a moment to unravel because it’s multifaceted and complex. However even better are the B-side Let Go Of Life with Entombed singer L-G Petrov on vocals. It feels like a lost melodic death metal song from the early 2000’s however the sensibilities in song structure are wiser now and it shows as the song takes a drastic change to the main riff about halfway through with Petrov´s recognizable vocal style, adding whispered voices and clean guitars too, making a dark and of course heavy song. The song feels more frantic and discordant by the end. It’s a fantastic track that musically feels like it’s telling the story of its title.

Track list:
1. I In The Sky
2. Let Go Of Life-with L-G Petrov

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GMR Records

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GMRV 1711

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