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Mekong Delta -Pictures At An Exhibition cd


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The German progressive thrashers Mekong Delta has been strangely underrated given their status as progenitors of the technical thrash movement around the mid 80´s, releasing their debut album in 1987. Mekong Delta succeeded in combining the rhythmic complexity with melodies drawn from the Late Romantic period of classical. After their sixth album it became quiet around the band and after 2 years of silent the band released the ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’. On this album the complete piece of classical composer Modest Mussorgski is arranged for the band and has been included twice. The first 16 tracks are just played by the band, while the last 16 tracks include the band and orchestra. Because the album is completely instrumental, Doug is not mentioned on the album. The musicianship is evident and the arrangement interesting and Mekong Delta have done a good job and, despite being classified as a Progressive Metal group, this arrangement does not sound very heavy or at all like ‘thrash metal’, and should please any fan of Progressive Rock, even one who favours the symphonic side of the genre. Line up for this album is

Ralph Hubert – Bass
Uwe Balstrusch (from House Of Spirits) – Guitars
Peter Haas (from Krokus/Poltergeist) – Drums

Track listing:
Band versions
1. Promenade
2. Gnomus
3. Interludium
4. II Vecchio Castello
5. Interludium
6. Tuileries (Dispute D’Enfants Apres Jeux)
7. Bydtlo
8. Interludium
9. Ballet Of The Unhatched Chicks
10. “Samule” Goldenberg And “Schmuyle”
11. Promenade
12. Lomoges: Le Marché (La Grande Nouvelle)
13. Catacombae (Sepulcrum Romancum)
14. Lingua Mortis
15. The Hut On Chicken’sw Legs
16. The Heroic Gate (In The Old Capital Of Kiev)

Band With Orchestra versions
17. Promenade
18. Gnomus
19. Interludium
20. II Vecchio Castello
21. Interludium
22. Tuileries (Dispute D’Enfants Apres Jeux)
23. Bydtlo
24. Interludium
25. Ballet Of The Unhatched Chicks
26. “Samule” Goldenberg And “Schmuyle”
27. Promenade
28. Lomoges: Le Marché (La Grande Nouvelle)
29. Catacombae (Sepulcrum Romancum)
30. Lingua Mortis
31. The Hut On Chicken’sw Legs
32. The Heroic Gate (In The Old Capital Of Kiev)

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