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Memoriam –Rise To Power lp [purple]


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Purple vinyl

Most people that checked out Memoriam in the early days did that because they missed Bolt Thrower and this was the closest thing we could get. Memoriam ticks enough of the right boxes to please Bolt Thrower fans and at the same time they have built up their own loyal fan base over the past seven years and developed its own musical identity. Rise To Power will charge an open door, because in addition to the essential Death Metal groove, Memoriam becomes more variable with each additional song and keeps adding new dynamics to their sound – from brutal grooves to doomy-melodic parts up to aggressive Nordic riffing, Rise To Power an extremely varied album. This album fuses more doom like early Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride into the death metal. A lot of the songs are mournful and mid paced but there are hints of the rolling tank that we knew as Bolt thrower. Karl’s voice has never sounded stronger and every band member puts in a great performance. A very solid and consistent album.

Track list:
1. Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)
2. Total War
3. I Am The Enemy
4. The Conflict Is Within
5. Annihilations Dawn
6. All Is Lost
7. Rise To Power
8. This Pain

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