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Memory Garden -Mirage cd


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Memory Garden’s discography is divided in three parts in my opinion. Tides was the doomiest of all, Verdict Of Prosperity took the band a step closer to power metal and Mirage completed this course. Memory Garden’s love for Memento Mori was never a secret to us and taking under account that the numbers of power/doom bands are small and within the borders of Sweden this is an album one cannot easily relate to many other releases than the ones of the above former Swedish super band. When I first listened to this album I wasn’t too excited. Mirage is not the most hard to digest album of theirs but definitely is a piece of work that needs hearings. When this critical number of hearings is completed there is nothing left to do but to love this album. The melodies although being simple in their majority they have that magic seed that makes them sneak into your heart and stay there. Guitar work is harsh once again and a bit more up-tempo than usual. Prog/power parts are still here and of course doom could not be absent. If you dig Stefan Berglund type of vocals then this is a record for you. The man simply lays down his soul and heart for us to see and I can’t really find a song that would characterize his performance simply goodMirage once again proves just how underrated Memory Garden are. This album is a freaking classic. Nothing less

Track listing:
1. Prologue
2. A Long Grey Day
3. Hallowed Soil
4. Shade
5. Navigate
6. Revelation
7. Yearning
8. River Of Sludge
9. My Pain
10. The Search

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