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Mental Garrotter ‎–Demolition 2001 cdR


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Official cdR demo from the band. With biography sheet. Handnumbered this is number 54

Mental Garrotter was formed in Akkerhaugen in Norway back in 1996 but it was in 2001 when things finally started moving. They released their one and only cdR demo called “Demolition 2001” at the beginning of the year. Then they decided to change namne to MindGrinder and under that name they recorded and released a second demo called, Bless The Imbecile, before the year was over. Samoth of Emperor liked what he heard and signed the band to his label Nocturnal Art Production, where they released their debut album MindTech in 2004. This is death metal that hits you like a ton of bricks. The musicianship is tight and intense, the sound is thick and solid and as a whole reminiscent of an unholy meeting of Morbid Angel, Zyklon, Deeds Of Flesh and Cannibal Corpse without sounding like a clone.

Track list:
1. Sadistic Images
2. Starspawned Vision
3. Furious Sea

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