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Mephorash ‎–Chalice Of Thagirion lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

Second album for this Swedish band, which on the one hand does not seem to have any ambition to step outside the borders of second wave black metal worship, but on the other hand are crushing it pretty hard within their chosen area. This is much more modern sounding, like Belephegor or Marduk, with a powerful production and a heavy, propulsive guitar sound. This album does nothing you don’t expect -it blasts, it screams, it hammers the double-bass drums and the tremolo guitar riffs. The difference is that everything here is just a bit better than the standard. The riffs are more inventive, the heaviness more relentless, the vocals more feral, and the songs more energetic than the usual run of generic modern bands of this kind. This is almost completely derivative, but it remains a highly enjoyable blast of hell-spitting chaos anyway.

Track list:
1. Chalice Of Thagirion
2. Corpus Christi
3. From Orcus Into Erebos
4. Membrorum Defecerit
5. Vekpoc
6. Radiance From The Sacred Shine
7. Servant
8. Legion For We Are Many
9. Descension Of Daath
10. The Odius Gospels
11. Ain Soph

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